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Client's Duties and Obligations

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Much can be said about designing a successful website, but very few, at least from my viewpoint has ever been said about the duties and obligations of a client, once he rolls into a website project. My experience has taught me that, the client's participation is crucial to the success and culmination of an efficient we presence.

This is why I have lined out a few things that a client should take into a account and do if he or she plans to have their website built successfully:

1. Active participation
Speak to your web designer as frequently as possible while working on the project, this will keep    everything  in track and avoid double corrections.

2.Deal directly with your designer, don't give this work out to any of your employees if they don't have the same corporate view you have. This will only confuse and disrupt proper communication.

3. Supply graphic information including corporate logo and usage manual
If you already have a logo, give it to your designer. If it comes along with usage manual, even better. If it has a definite color code please specify it. Speak about it, speak about logo usage limitations. If the above can't be met please supply logo in digital format.

4. Supply good written material and product literature
All literature is welcome, this is what the web designer will use a basis to layout web architecture. This is where your web designer will learn about your product and services enabling him or her to organize navigation clearly and properly. On the other hand, supplied literature, will avoid small copy corrections from anyone in your team. It has already been successfully used and doesn't need changes.

5. Supply product or services photographs
Good photography truly contributes to a good website. So if you have used the services of professional photographers in the past, now is the time to give them to your web designer. Having to put a project on hold to start product shot sessions will hold back your website for some time.

6. Is the website going along with an Ad Campaign?
Please make it clear to your designer if the web site is going to be part of and ad Campaign, if so provide all material. Also, if the website is going to be all the advertising for your company and you are planning to rely completely on it and have deadlines.

7. An initial meeting should be held, to pinpoint, objectives and to give your web developer a very specific idea of what the client expects to obtain once the project is concluded.  Be as specific as possible.

In conclusion clarity and active participation from Clients are crucial. Clients are the ones that know more about their products and services and it is their view that the web designer wants to show on the website.

If many of the above can't be supplied as expected, additional work on the the web designers end can be done. Such work, obviously will add costs to what had already been agreed for just designing the website. This would include what we have done for some of our clients: corporate image, copy writing and  photography.

Finally once the website is completed an SEO strategy should be laid out and once more the price for this work should not be included as part of the web site. 

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